I’m not white. Sure my skin tone is what people today call “white”. It’s really more pinkish, given my ancestry, although that doesn’t fit the simplistic speaking patterns of 2021. But to assume you know much of meaning about me by my skin tone is to be – how can I say this kindly – not terribly bright. If you want to be an intelligent, thoughtful person, then get to know people as individuals not as part of whatever groups they are a part of. What is important to the person? It’s it art or science or philosophy? Is it just getting by and putting food on the table? What are their triumphs and disappointments? Of course, it is true that people make judgments about each other by mere external appearances. This is part of fixed, unchanging human nature. and has been in every country and for all of history. It’s an instinct that we have in common with animals. But doing better means that we consciously rise above that base instinct and use our God-given minds and hearts more than just simplistic notions of race and color. That is the mature and intelligent way to operate personally and collectively. It is a way to rise above strife and make us less dependent on demagogues who exploit differences to gain influence and power. It’s the surest way to suppress racism. 

Image Credit Clker-Free-Vector-Images