Some people say that people vote their own interests. This is the great ignorance. This creates a mob-rule mentality and factionalism, which the founders of our country warned against. Instead of voting our individual interests, like selfish children, we must vote for the policies (through candidates) that produce the maximum overall growth, security and benefit  in the long term. Intelligent voting makes the most of Human Capital -the Freedom to pursue individual goals without interference from society or government, assuming the goal doesn’t proactively harm another. 

Voting for someone else to pay for things for me or be forced to accept my ideas is the height of selfishness and ultimate self-destructiveness. In order to have self-fulfillment and actualization in a society, each person must be free of as many outside compulsions as possible. This means Freedom from economic coercion. Live and Let Live. Force no one to accept or support you – just be entitled to be left alone. This allows for the maximum in human dignity and achievement. 

The other important principle is to vote based on policy not personality. So many will donate their vote to the person that makes them feel the best. Again, this is based on subjectivism and ignorance. Voting your feelings is to set aside your reasoning and intellect and voting on superficial manipulation. Of course, it’s easier to take the lazy way out and vote for whoever sounds the best. But this laziness leads to dysfunction and corruption. What specific policies that the candidate is advancing have the best chance of achieving success based on economics, math, logic and history? If you can’t answer those questions, you have little reason to even bother voting, for your vote will be cast in ignorance. Ignorance is a terribly destructive way to run a country. Ignorance leads to benefits for no one except the powerful who know how to speak to gain acceptance.

This is an admonition to vote intelligently, based on sound research of history and fact. Only then can a nation or state be reasonably expected to advance in human dignity and standards of living. Reject voting on feelings and personality – otherwise you are part of the problem, not the solution.