leftism-cant-safisfyThe US is still one of the most religious societies. Faith was a major contributor to our major accomplishments, from advancing individual personal liberties as the basis of the country to the abolition of slavery here and pushing for its global abolition.

Some say that the US is a less religious country now. This is false. While some organized religions have had less attendance, there is still a broad majority that consider themselves religious believers. 

And then there are those who don’t consider themselves believers but are, in fact, some of the most rigid fundamentalist true believers of all; the Utopians. Most faiths believe in transcendent causes and effects, as well as existential personal impact. The Utopians believe, against all evidence, that if we only have the right mix of laws and government structures, we can transcend most of what plagues humanity. This is faith just as dependent on believing in the unseen as any supernaturally based faith.

“If only we can do X [whatever their favored social or governmental idea is], then we can get rid of income inequality, poverty, crime, addiction, environmental problems., bigotry, hurt feelings and animal cruelty”.

When a person adopts this Utopian vision, not only are they not interested in any information that might contradict their beliefs, they disbelieve that anything CAN contradict their beliefs. Further, those who either question the workability of their faith, the history of the application of their solutions, or whether it’s based on a complete set of facts as immediately labeled as “heretics”…or to use the more popular term “Deniers” of this or that. To be a Denier is to be Shunned and Shamed from society. If you are a Denier, then you must not speak for fear of upsetting the faithful or their proselytizing efforts. Convert or be banned!

The Utopians, whether they be socialists or far left activists or any other brand, also have a set of Creeds. In fact, performance of good deeds is less important to this religion than reciting and promoting the creeds. A believer in the idea that earth has 12 years left til doomsday might still be accepted into the faith even though they fly or drive the very polluting vehicles they seek to ban. After all, believing is more important than doing and they have to get to their next speech where they will complain about the vehicle manufacturer and fuel company that they just paid big bucks. To most people, this is hypocrisy. But to the fundamentalist true believer, it’s the Righteous End justifying the Unholy Means. Saying is more important than Doing.

You might accuse me of colorful language here, but in reality, numerous examples of each of the above observations are presented to us each week. If this were only a belief system without impact, it would be one thing. But because the extreme Utopians are attempting to not only convert, but to use the force of Government to pursue their Faith goals, this new Religion is dangerous. Anything that is seeking ultimate power and does not respect either the individuals right to dissent or question conclusions and that then proposes to use government power over individuals is concerning. Government power is definitionally the force of violence and taking. If you do not conform to a law, either your possessions or freedoms will be taken from you to one degree or another. 

The road to Hell is paved with good intentions. Utopians movements and ideologies start with outwardly noble goals. The modern Utopians of the far left creeds will point to their goals as justification of their movement. AntiFa will point to perceived wrongs in society while training for violent confrontation. Those who know their claims are extreme about Nazi’s around every corner will justify their outrageous claims by saying it’s moving the needle in the right direction. “When we are in power, we will make sure that everything is put right”, said every dictator in history at some point in their career. The hate, anger, intolerance and bigotry against all ideological opponents is justified by their lofty goals of justice. An even cursory study of revolutions and revolutionary movements throughout history proves definitively that this kind of power seeking almost always leads to horror and death. The global death toll and atrocities in the 20th century from such movements is staggering. All of them started out with the intention – at least the proclaimed intention – of correcting injustices. 

When fueled by nearly religious zealotry in pursuit of political and social transformation, people will hurt even those of their own family on the way to power. 

Even if their goals were to be achieved, the New Fundamentalism cannot satisfy since it’s built on a foundation of relativism, illogic and pseudo-history. Even the smartest, most educated people cannot rescue a system of bad thinking from itself, although we see people with many degrees and accolades trying. In the end, whatever the outcome, this unyielding fundamentalist approach of so many on the left will leave them empty and unfulfilled. 

The New Fundamentalists, aided by fame/ratings seekers in the media, should be recognized for what they are; religious fanatics unwilling to engage with the “unwashed” who question their supposed facts and have questions about their prescriptions for radical societal transformation. Fanaticism should be strenuously resisted and the masses of those who are of sound mind and spirit must be engaged to rescue our society from this radicalism before it does even greater damage.

““How small, of all that human hearts endure,
That part which laws or kings can cause or cure.
Still to ourselves in every place consign’d,
Our own felicity we make or find:” Samuel Johnson