Those that are saying that this person or that is a Nazi/white supremicist supporting concentration camps, etc. are making light of actual evil for personal/political/media gain. It is morally sick and disgusting and disingenuous in the extreme. It is possible to disagree on something without calling the other person Satan. And anyone who knows anything about history, language or logic knows that these comparisons we’re hearing daily now are supreme hyperbole and desperately¬†ignorant. And they are dangerous in the extreme. If there were really Nazis all over the place, we’d be out in the streets fully armed and fighting them. If some people believe that politicians are Nazis (or anyone) that hold power, then that is close to incitement to violence. And anyone with even a shred of intellectual honesty knows there are no Nazis in power in the US. That is an exceedingly tiny, dangerous fringe of the fringe that must be resisted – but all this talk of this person or that group being Nazis only enhances these deranged people and their groups. All of the politicians and media types that are making these accusations of Nazism in high places should be shunned and ignored as foolish buffoons, unworthy of attention in an adult society.