Misjudging people and complete sets of facts
There is an epidemic of bad thinking. Some simple principles that are inarguable to keep in mind.
1) Just because someone speaks well, articulately communicates, and sounds smart does not mean they are smart or right at all. Some of the worst people in human history were brilliant speakers. Too many accept wrong conclusions because they are brilliantly spoken. I’ve known desperately ignorant people with multiple Phds and high paying jobs. I’ve also known people that communicate poorly but have a deep understanding of reality.
2) Just because someone has some facts does not mean they have all the facts. Nor does a limited and biased fact pattern establish a valid conclusion. This is a rampant problem in media and activism today. 
3) Merging points one and two above, just because it’s published in some “respected” outlet does not indicate whether it’s a valid conclusion. The are plenty of formerly honest outlets that had good reasoning skills in the past that even a high school level of logic training can reveal horribly poor reasoning skills now.
4) If you do not examine dissenting viewpoints and honestly consider their argument, you do not know a subject and are unqualified to make an authoritative conclusion. Our society has become so tribal that many people will not read or consider viewpoints that are not in their comfort zone. You can’t know anything, particularly controversial things, if you don’t review a wide perspective and consider it WITHOUT looking to debunk it first. The disease of “intellectual uniformity” infects SO many of our institutions, whether corporate, education or governmental currently. The most important human diversity is diversity of viewpoint. We are all humans, regardless of which race, religion, sex or any other label you want to put on someone. What makes us unique is not outward distinctives but rather our MINDS and how we use them. If you live and/or work in a place where the majority of people hold the same viewpoints on controversial topics, you are in a world of stultifying non-diversity and lemming bad-thinking, regardless of the intelligence of those who all hold the same viewpoints. If you are in that place, for your own mental health and honesty, you need to seek out those with opinions and ideas that differ from your own.
5) Tribalism is the new substitute religion. The most “religious” places in America are not churches. They are the places where the latest activist fads, memes, and trends are on display. Many corporate campuses. Many, if not most, college campuses. The places that eschew most religion are, in truth, the most religious with accusations of Heretics, Forbidden Questions, Information Bans, Speech Bans, etc. The worst of medieval religious practice, other than torture, is alive and well in our most prestigious places in America. 
Conclusion: Look deeper, don’t accept what your peers accept just because it sounds right, do your own investigation, be unique. Unless we get back to this, we are in deep trouble as tribalism destroys many great institutions and corrupts otherwise good people.