What do I want in an elected leader? I want someone who inspires. Not someone who promises me anything other than to keep us safe. I want someone who challenges us as a country and as individuals to stretch beyond what we think is possible. Someone who inspires our collective spirit to strive for greatness. JFK did this when he challenged us to go to the moon. JFK also said “don’t ask when the country can do for you, ask what you can do for the country” (paraphrased). I want political leaders who are less concerned with bashing their opponents than they are inspiring and encouraging the downtrodden. I’m sick to death of politicians trying to buy me with publically funded free stuff. I am utterly exhausted by all the hatred. The country yearns for leaders at every level to inspire us again, like Reagan and JFK did in their speeches. Let us be ONE tribe – the American tribe with various stances, flavors, colors, ideas – all debated about with respect and striving for a better future. Without the promises of goodies that everyone knows can’t be met and without the staged anger and gotcha moments. I suspect if our politics turned in this direction, even a bit, a collective sigh of relief and chorus of joy would erupt across the country.