Socialism fails because it fundamentally misunderstands human nature. Humans, as a rule, will be more productive and creative the more than they have to gain or lose individuals . Call it greed/fear or positive/negative motivation or whatever you like. When outcomes vary based on effort and the possibility of greater or lesser personal benefit is profound, human potential is maximized. Socialism removes or limits that direct connection between effort/creativity and outcome. The greater the socialist implementation of a system, the greater the disconnect. When implemented en masse, the productivity and creativity of whatever the group is (including nations) is stifled. It’s not absolute because there is no absolute socialist system. Communism – a form of socialism regardless of what apologists will say – stifles productivity/creativity the most. Personal freedom, the opposite of socialism, provides the maximum productivity and creativity. Personal freedom provides the least guarantee, of course, of positive outcome. Outcome is based on effort and creativity. Put in little and you get little success. Socialism provides the most security, but it is the security of poverty and servitude to an all powerful state. There is no pure personal freedom system in the world and never has been. The USA has come the closest and as a result has benefited the world through the greatest contribution of innovation, freedom (at home and abroad), assistance to those in need (a value that personal freedom engenders) and health. You can be safe if you are a prisoner – this is socialism. Freedom and an opportunity to fulfill your life requires risk and sometimes hardship. The world benefits from personal freedom the most. We must become educated about this because of the growing ignorance of the danger of socialism and the misunderstanding of freedoms benefits and requirements.