Stove pipe news/information sickness. I come across many people who have only one type of news or information source. Whether it be left leaning like most of the networks or newspapers, or whether it be right leaning, like one network and various blogs and radio. If you get all your info from a particular ideological perspective or mostly talk to people who you agree with most of the time, then that’s a real problem and you probably become pretty narrow in your viewpoint. One of the benefits of my business is that I interact with people from all over the ideological spectrum. So I can evaluate many different viewpoints and decide what makes the most sense to me. I’m not sure that there is anyone who agrees with me all the time and, frankly, that’s good. I’ve said for years that if you find someone who is in 100% agreement with you, then one of you isn’t thinking about things enough. We shouldn’t be afraid of interacting with those we disagree with or seeing information that isn’t from our philosophical position. Reality will have it’s way eventually. If we can just figure out a way to discuss different positions with one another without calling each other names then I suspect we could make real progress. We shouldn’t hate those who don’t think like we do. I’m not talking about being squishy in our convictions. I don’t think anyone who knows me would say I’m squishy about what I think is true. But I’m not threatened by someone who disagrees with me. I see it as an opportunity for me to learn or perhaps an opportunity to help someone else learn. I will fight vigorously for those principles that I’m convinced are best. I will explain my logic and listen to critiques. And I’ve changed opinions many times over the year in light of new information or a compelling argument. I’m not saying I’m some paragon of logic or virtue. I just have an insatiable curiosity about how the universe REALLY works. This is my plea to get into discussions, debate your viewpoint and listen to those you disagree with. Either your viewpoint will be strengthened or you will learn something or both. And you may make a few friends along the way. I really love the folks that I disagree with whole heartedly that I can debate with intensely and still be friends. That’s rare today. I wish it were common. Then we’d be a more intelligent society and learn and grow. To me, that’s maturity.