Why should the Government determine what is in my health insurance policy? Or, when I was employed, force my employer to have only the choices they approve? Sorry, that’s just plain ridiculous. If I don’t like my insurance policy, I should have the freedom to find one I do like, that closest fits my needs. If I don’t want to be covered for birth control – or do want to be covered for birth control – then give me the basic human freedom to choose the plan I want! Keep your govt force away from me and let me choose! If I don’t like my employers plan, then let me argue with my employer since you can never argue with a DC Bureaucrat! I can’t believe how basic human rights to choose have taken a back seat to demanding that someone make choices for me using government force. History lesson: the most damage to the most people has been done throughout history by Governments. The mob or criminals can’t hold a candle to the harm caused by bureaucracies. So let me choose what kind of plan I want. If enough people want something similar (and they usually do), there will be multiple companies competing for my business, which will push prices down and make the companies offer something better, and the consumer of health insurance wins. And don’t use my tax dollars – illegally I will add since it was never passed into law by Congress – to pad the pockets of insurance companies and their CEOs. Crony capitalism isn’t capitalism – it’s theft of the public’s money to pay friends at insurance companies in exchange for power to control peoples lives. I prefer FREEDOM. Do you want to be a subject of the King (the elite in modern terms) that is required to do the will of your Betters? Or do you want to be a free person? Sure, govt has role, very small in my view, as a last resort safety net. But it’s way, way out of control when Washington DC dictates whats in my health insurance! That is just plain Orwellian, non-sensical, unethical, wrong, bad, soul-sucking and whatever other negative you can imagine to apply.