If I hear the phrase “Lesser of two evils” again this year, I may throw up. Someone says “I can’t vote for the lesser of two evils anymore”. News flash – 99 percent of all decisions are the lesser of multiple evils. Every decision you made today was. About the only exception I can think of is a spiritual decision to pray or follow God. Just think through it logically – every choice we make is with limited options. Almost never do we have a perfect choice as an option. To go left or right at the stop light. To buy unleaded vs supreme. None of these result in perfection. They are the “Best of the available options”. Or “the choice that will get me closest to my desired outcome”. Either turn at the stop light will eventually get you to where you want to go, just one will be a bit faster. Flying directly there would be even better, but it’s not an available choice unless you go by Clark Kent in your off time. So you choose the best of 2 slower ways. Or unleaded vs supreme – a better formulation that burns 10 times more efficiently would be a much better choice than either of the two gas choices you have. But it’s not an available choice. So you chose the lesser of two evils. The logic is very clear. However, if we used the same logic as people who refuse to vote “for the lesser of two evils” in politics at the Gas Pump, we would just stand there and yell at the gas station and refuse to pump any gas and then complain when we don’t get where we want to go. Or we would stop at the light, turning neither right nor left and scream at passers by that we can’t fly to our destination so therefore we refuse to take the “lesser of two evils” and complain about how we are not moving. This can be extended to just about any choice in life. In this political season, please PLEASEĀ use your intellect and make the choice for the candidate that is, although not perfect by your standards, the one that is the best of available options currently available. This is the only intelligent way to handle any choice in life, whether what brand of bread to buy or which candidate to vote for.