Much of our politics and even societal trends are driven by emotion, not intellect. Not logic or facts. This is a real problem, as facts are what determine the success or failure of our policies and actions as a country. Indeed, as a world!  But we’ve all heard it said that Politics is a beauty contest. This is particularly true since Television came into the picture, pun intended. The Nixon/Kennedy debates in 1960 were the first televised presidential debates. It’s interesting to note that those that watched them saw Kennedy as the clear victor, while those who listened on the radio had a more favorable view of Nixon. Even since that time, the look and presentation of politicians carries the greatest impact in deciding elections. But a good looking person, great speaker, or convincing presenter does not necessarily make a good leader or a competent manager of anything.

How do you make decisions on who to vote for or what issues to support? Do you let convincing presentations carry you along to their desired conclusion? Or do you examine the issues from multiple viewpoints, listen dispassionately to opposing points of view and then determine who made the most logical sense? Do you actually do some research using the wonderful tools we have available to us online? By research, I don’t mean simply looking at websites that you agree with to find points to say “Amen” to. True reasonable research to form an opinion means reviewing at least some basic objective information on a topic and testing your theory against that information to see if it’s the best explanation for the information. Objective information is usually found from non-partisan sources, such as generic government statistics. Or economic studies that are conducted to the greatest extent possible without a foregone conclusion in mind.

In the end, it is what works that will improve lives. It is not that the person we liked the most for whatever reason is in office. The universe cares little about speeches and presentations – it operates according to principles of logic and natural law. Even human beings ultimately are predictable creatures to a great extent that operate according to predispositions that are not always in accord with the persons stated beliefs.

The Media Age has exacerbated this phenomenon. Issues that were previously within the purview of Science are now decided by emotional group think. A particularly controversial one would be Gender Identity. Science has revealed that gender is a biological factor coded into creatures via X and Y chromosomes. However, our current laws support a persons “right” to be treated as something that their chromosomes do not agree with. Feelings, however they are arrived at or whatever creates them, is treated as more important than physical reality. Even stating this obvious fact can get a person labeled as a hater or some other emotional, non-sensical label. Is it required to prove the person dislikes people who have decided to ignore their biology? No. You are guilty without the opportunity to be proven innocent. The tyranny of group emotionalism often rules the day and is even expressed in laws. It’s reasonable to conclude that this is reverse evolution of human beings.

Reverse evolution can be said to be the animalization of human behavior to be ruled by emotion or instinct. Animals operate mostly from their instinct. Your dog does not sit down and make a list of possible responses to situations. It operates from instinct based on learned responses to stimuli. Politicians, cult leaders and profiteers can effectively use this group emotionalism to accomplish great and terrible outcomes.

In 2015, a great deal of discussion is happening around what the proper wages should be for low wage earners. However, most of these discussions do not even attempt to review the math involved in the businesses and people affected. They do not, for the most part, review what pricing is possible for various products and services in the market without causing a drop off in sales. They simply present a position from an emotional point of view and moralize about what should be the norm, without regard to math. Math is a very unforgiving science. The numbers that do not add up will not succumb to protests of Unfair.

To be sure, emotions are an important human trait. We do not have the ability, nor should we see to, eliminate all emotions. However, decision making must be made with the highest human temporal skill – the intellect. Tempered and assisted by emotions but surely not dictated by them. There is a proper hierarchy for societal problems, leadership and politics. And at the pinnacle of that is objective reality.

If you want to disagree…prove it with facts! Otherwise, we all slump towards towards the wolf pack or emotional decision making that cannot lead to bettering society.