“Somebody ought to do something!”

The cry or complaint is heard most often after a tragedy. The completely natural and human response to something bad that has happened that really shouldn’t happen in a fair and just world. A school shooting, for instance.

“Do Something” disease, as it has been called, is often very damaging in it’s outcome and rarely results in the prevention or cure of the complaint. Let’s break this down.

First, it’s a response to fundamental injustice.¬†We want the world to be just and fair and work towards that laudable goal. There’s nothing wrong with that impulse or action. However, we will never achieve perfection in a world where the ultimate injustice, death and decay, are laws of the universe. Unless we realize that and know, as the 12 step program prayer says, “what we can’t change”, we will make the world worse. How? By contradicting reality.