In the beginning…

Overall, global society has improved over the last 1000 years. On balance, that is, and recognizing it’s far from perfect. We still have terrorism, wars and all manners of human suffering. Suffering has decreased though, and standards of living have generally improved. The grand centuries-long arc of history shows fewer starving, more educated and dramatically improved health as a percentage of worldwide population. Life spans have increased. That said, we have a long way to go. This site is about how society can make rationale choices about increasing the pace of improvement for all humankind. We want to see the Best Future possible.

This is not some utopian fantasy based on well-intended notions and feel-good proposals. The goal of this commentary is to offer reality based ideas. Reality and fact determine the viability of programs, policies, positions and ideas. To deny the Natural Law of the universe is foolish and counter productive. Well meaning people have often caused great harm through implementing unworkable, but pleasant sounding, ideas.

Human nature also has genetically encoded pre-dispositions that are relatively constant throughout history. Forms and technology change, but the underlying make-up of humanity is fairly predictable over the centuries. The Best Future can only be achieved with a sound recognition of how humans will act and react to the changing world.

So with open eyes, thoughtful consideration and a belief that humanities best days are ahead, let’s work together to bring about The Best Future.